Parenting for Life 3

Principles of Discipline

Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is to be chosen over great wealth; favor is better than silver and gold."

Ephesians 6:4 "Fathers, don't stir up anger in your children, but bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

I. Procedure

·   Instruction for Obedience:

o   Parents are to live a consistent life

o   Parents are to expect obedience

o   Parents are to realize their daily responsibility

o   Parents are to reflect the love and joy of the Lord

o   Parents are to set the example of forgiveness

o   Parents are to illustrate through daily training  (Anticipate possible situations)

o   Parents are to discipline in love, without anger

·  Warning for Obedience

o   Children are to be Made Aware of their Disobedience, Attitudes, and Actions.

o   Children are to be Led by our Presence

·         Voice—Eyes—Facial Expressions—Touc

II.            Correction

·  Proper Attitude of the Parents

o   Humility

o   Love

o   Acceptance

·  Proper Alternatives for the Parents

o   Punishment

·   Rod (neutral object)

o   slender stick, dowel

·   Privilege – Restriction

Parental Procedure

· Discipline in private

· Have your child tell you what they have done

· Remind them of your instruction, and your warning, and even your responsibility to God

· Ask your child what they have done

· Administer discipline (alternatives)

· After you sense they have a softened heart and sadness for what they have done, express your comfort, love, and acceptance   

· Pray with them and for them

· Encourage them and give opportunity for them to pray

· Evaluate how you handled the situation

· (Note: if you handled it incorrectly, ask the Lord to forgive you and your child to forgive you, especially if you disciplined in anger)           

Proper Response of the Child

· Child must have their will broken 

o   (Example: that they will cry softly)

·  Child must have a repentant heart

o   (If not, they may become resentful)

· Child must be willing to make restoration

o   (Forgiveness and restitution)

Procedure when we have not followed God’s principles

Confess:          Ask God’s forgiveness for not following His principles

Obey:              Purpose to obey God’s principles from this time forward

Reveal:            Explain to your child how you had not obeyed the Lord

Repent:           Ask your child’s forgiveness for improper discipline

Explain:          Clarify your new procedures of discipline

Call:                Call on the Lord, pray with your child

Trust:              Trust the Lord to keep you consistent

 IV. Purity and Power

· Parents Conformed to the Image of Christ

· Parents Disciplined in the Ways of God

· Parents Guided by the Principles of God

· Parents Holy in their Attitudes and Actions

· Parents Encouraged to Live out a Life of Faith



Jim Carter