Welcome to Riverside Church, a young church with a fresh approach to growing up in Christ.

I’m Jim Carter and it’s my privilege to serve the Riverside Church as pastor. My wife, Marcy and I have come to Central Virginia to love people and assist them in finding God’s purpose and place in His great enterprise.

It is our hope that you will be encouraged whether you are already a part of Riverside or you are looking for a church to call home. The heart behind our mission is that you will find a church family that welcomes you and is willing to walk with you as you grow and discover your place in God’s family. Please browse our site and learn more about who we are and our ministries and events.

Life is complex, if not complicated. We believe church should be pure and simple. It is about considering God’s Word and connecting with God’s people in order to complete God’s purpose in our moment in history. simple, pure and joyful.

We offer you a thoughtful approach for considering the truths of God’s Word which is our source for walking with the Lord, and then living out these truths in community as we connect and serve together.

We welcome you to worship, consider the Word of God, and connect with us and serve….you’ll find it really easy to call this place home.

What We Are About

A new church started simply to love Jesus, to know Him more, to love the people of Lynchburg and to send people to take Jesus’ love to the world. When you walk through the doors of Riverside we want you to feel welcomed, loved and a part of our mission!




On March 24, 2014 forty people met in a home to discern the will of God and His purpose for them as a body of believers. Three young adults from that first meeting gave their tithe and those monies were used to secure the Riverside Room at the Craddock-Terry Hotel for a worship service.

Led by Pastor Jim Carter the fellowship believed we were to continue and so we met the next seven weeks at the hotel in downtown Lynchburg. We met for Bible study, worship and prayer with the express purpose to seek the heart of the Lord regarding the future of this family of believers.

It was on May 4th, 2014 the group of sixty unified believers corporately affirmed the establishment of the Riverside Church of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Following this meeting seven couples in leadership within the infant planting met to pray, give insight and affirm the next step. They unanimously affirmed the establishment of the Riverside Church as a New Testament Church for the glory of God. Riverside was so named by its first location, Riverside, and by the firm belief they were “a planting of the Lord to display His splendor…” beside the River.

By the River

A major emphasis of Riverside Church is placed on preparing and sending young leaders to serve other churches with specific training in Biblical leadership. Young adults starting their professions are working alongside the staff and leadership team in giving oversight to worship leadership, media ministry, finances, hospitality, missions, ministry outreach and administration.

Our church family is characterized by warmth, love, and a heart to reach our community and world. Several young adults have been engaged in international missions to Papua New Guinea, Israel, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, and England in the first three months of being established as a local church. Riverside partners with Liberty University to engage young adults in church leadership through LU’s CSER, Practicum and Internships, and with the PLED pastoral leadership program.

Creative and effective influence locally, nationally and internationally is at the heart of all we do. Train and go….


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